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Let's Dive In!

One Month: Let's Dive In is a one-on-one deep dive into one writing project with Resort founder Catherine LaSota as your dive guide. Over the course of one month, you'll immerse into your process, discover the crux of your project, and map out a plan to make headway on it over the course of one month. Catherine will help you set deadlines, offer encouragement and prompts as needed, and cheer you on every step of the way!

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One Month: Let's Dive In with Resort founder Catherine LaSota as your Dive Guide: 

  • Is your writing practice feeling stalled? Not sure how to move forward with a particular project, or unclear about your next steps?

  • Could you use accountability, feedback, and a cheerleader?

Imagine gaining some clarity on that essay, story, or chapter. Imagine giving your writing the attention it craves. Imagine finding joy in your writing process!

Invest in one month of awesomeness with Catherine, and dive into that project.




  • Initial 45-minute video call (audio only if you prefer) to discuss your writing goals and plans for the month ahead. Catherine can work with you as needed: to clarify a project idea, offer writing prompts/exercises, or other resources as is helpful to your process.

  • Follow-up email within 24 hours of your initial call, outlining key takeaways from the discussion, and a plan for the month.

  • Weekly emails with encouragement, and prompts/exercises/resources as is helpful to your project.

  • Second 45-minute video call (audio only if you prefer) over the course of the month to check in and offer feedback and support

  • Written feedback from Catherine on up to 10 pages/week

This one-month, 1-on-1 program is for you if you:

  • have a personal essay you'd like to work on

  • are trying to wrap your head around a memoir project

  • would like some accountability support for writing a story or doing a round of chapter edits

  • want some clarity around the form your next writing project might take

  • need some help getting to the heart of your next writing project and what you'd like to write about


  • simply want to develop a consistent writing practice!

Catherine's own writing practice is the personal essay, and she loves working with other personal essay writers, but this opportunity is open to writers of any genre. As your writing dive guide, she will help you show up to the page and take care of your practice and yourself as a writer!

Testimonial from Diana, recent participant in the Let's Dive In program:
“I was scared I’d give up on writing. But with her coaching, Catherine supported me in achieving my goals: establishing a regular writing routine and wresting my novel dream down to muddy earth. I found time to write that I didn’t know I had. Catherine probes and pushes, with gentleness. She understands what bit of craft knowledge to share next. She is resolutely conscientious. You can trust her brilliant instincts with your green project."

This program is currently on hiatus!
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More about Catherine:

Resort founder Catherine LaSota is a writer and a workshop facilitator with 7+ years of experience working for and running literary organizations, leading and participating in workshops, and offering one-on-one accountability and feedback to fellow writers. She is the founder of the acclaimed LIC Reading Series and has published her work in Literary Hub, Catapult, Electric Literature, Vice, The Brooklyn Rail, the Rumpus, and more. One of her favorite things to do is talk with and listen to writers. Catherine has interviewed dozens of authors, including Min Jin Lee, Eileen Myles, Rumaan Alam, John Leguizamo, and more, for publications and at live events, and she is the host of the weekly Cabana Chats podcast on writing and community. She is also a certified advanced SCUBA diver (really).

Here are what people are saying about your dive guide:

“Catherine LaSota is the most generous, spirited, wise, and supportive friend in writing anyone could wish for.” - Jules Chung, writer and Cabana Club member in the Resort writing community

“Catherine is the kindest! I am constantly impressed by her – she gives me hope for the writing world.” - Devin K Pope, writer and Cabana Club member in the Resort writing community

“LIC Reading Series is without question the most fun and exhilarating reading experience I’ve ever had. Catherine disarms everybody into laughing, thinking, and feeling together.” - Jason Tougaw, writer and guest reader at LIC Reading Series

“You are a gift. Thank you for your unfailing commitment to creating a loving and authentic space for writers.” - Victoria Melendez, writer and Cabana Club member in the Resort writing community

Ready to dive in?

Questions? Feel free to email

Can't wait to dive in with you...

Happy writing!

This program is currently on hiatus!
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