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Introducing CABANA CHATS!

The Resort is proud to launch a brand new podcast about writing and community, called Cabana Chats! Hosted by Resort founder Catherine LaSota, new episodes of Cabana Chats will publish on Tuesdays and feature conversations with writers about the importance of community in a writing life.

Season One guests include:

  • Courtney Maum

  • Hala Alyan

  • Nadxi Nieto

  • Brian Gresko

  • Michele Filgate

  • Tracy O'Neill

  • Jennifer Baker

  • Hannah Bae

  • Eleanor Whitney

  • Leigh Stein

  • Amy Shearn

  • Min Jin Lee

  • Sari Botton

  • MARS

Check out new episodes, including transcripts, here on our website, or in the Resort virtual community. You can also subscribe to Cabana Chats on Apple or Spotify!

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