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brought to you by The Resort LIC, Queens, NY

*get your writing done

*build your literary community

*have access to workshops, craft talks, free books, and more

*support a new writers space in Queens, NY

There are *two* ways to become a part of our virtual community:

1. Join our free online community on the Mighty Networks platform:

  • access to conversations on resources and inspiration for writers

  • earliest information about our upcoming classes

  • be part of a supportive community

  • participate via browser and/or via convenient free app

2. Join the Cabana Club, our monthly membership plan for writers, which includes all of the above PLUS:

  • online group writing sessions 2x/week

  • craft and publishing talks 2x/month

  • coffee meet and greets with fellow members and founder Catherine LaSota

  • copy of Courtney Maum's BEFORE AND AFTER THE BOOK DEAL mailed to you

  • Q&As with authors and industry professionals

  • accountability support and occasional surprises in the mail!

  • additional free book offers

  • recordings of past craft talks and other exclusive resources in the Cabana Club section of our Mighty Networks platform, accessible via browser and/or app


STEP ONE: Join the Resort community
STEP TWO: Go to Clubs in the menu bar of the Resort community after joining, then select the Cabana Club plan to sign up!

We are currently offering a two week free trial period for the Cabana Club when you sign up - we look forward to seeing you soon!

Note: The Cabana Club offers a ton of resources for only $32.99/month. We also offer a discounted plan for writers from marginalized communities and/or writers experiencing financial hardship if the standard rate of $32.99/month is out of reach. 

For more information, please write to TheResortNYC at gmail dot com

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